First time homeowners!

Project Kitchen

The ongoing kitchen project… I’m not sure when we will be completely finished, but I only hope it’s before we sell the house when Zoe graduates in 7 years… We’re coming up to the 2 year mark of homeownership, and to be honest, minus eventually replacing the linoleum, I just finished my last project. It feels great 🙂

So let’s take a look at where we started from…

This was the kitchen when we bough it… not horrible, but not great either, the cabinets were ugly and greasy from being touched over the last 30 years, but the appliances it came with were brand new, so that was good. We picked up a fridge from craigslist for $100 bucks, and TADA, Functional Kitchen. But I had my heart set on a different look, so the first weekend we owned the house, we started Project Kitchen.

Now, I always think that things will take substantially less time than they actually do. By a LOT. My husband has begun giving me The Look when I discuss projects, or timelines for things. The phrase, “Don’t worry, this’ll be easy!” is now banned.

SO, when my mom called me to offer her help that first weekend, what came out of my mouth was, “We’re going to repaint the doors, cabinets, trim, and chair-rails white, the interior of the cabinets red, and paint the walls a gray color!”

She said, “Uh huh… sure.”

Here’s some pictures of what actually happened that first weekend….

We started by removing the cabinet doors, and giving all the wood a good sanding so the paint would stick. Then we cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. Once all the dust was finally gone, we primed all the wood, then applied the first of what seemed like 5 coats of white gloss paint. In all actuality, it took 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of white, and a couple of touch ups on the cabinet frames to finish the white portion of painting pictured above. Then I painted the grays. We went with two different colors, which I love. What I don’t love is that the upper gray ended up looking a little purple, but I don’t hate it enough to repaint, because seriously, I was sick of painting this kitchen by the time we were finished.

All the cabinet doors went outside, where they spent the next week in the garage receiving 1 coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint on the inside of the door, and 3 coats of paint on the outside. I didn’t buy cheap paint, but maybe if we’d spent a little more on the paint it could have saved me some time and energy…

9Forgive the slightly vulgar photo, we are now nearing the end of weekend #3 of this project (plus some weekday nights on both our parts), and Sean is hanging the first cabinet door back up. He might hate me at this point in the process, and I don’t blame him.

My sister and mom pitched in and bought us all new hardware for the doors, so Sean re-drilled the holes for the hinges, and added handles/knobs to everything, which I freaking love!

By the end of weekend #3, I had cabinet doors on everything but the two small “drawers” in front of my sink and I’m pretty dang happy about it!


Then there was a long pause in forward progress…. I may have had my fantastic man finish installing all the handles on all the drawers, and turn the cosmetic drawers in front of the sink into hinged drawers that we put the sponges in. I was SOO HAPPY that I started to unpack everything, but I tried to open my dishwasher to wash the dishes before putting them away, and alas, I could no longer open the dishwasher. Talk about a major whoops. One of those things you should think about before you add new hardware to cabinets that don’t have hardware is what that may do to things that open near them.

The Fix: Our two faux drawers became one, and the handle in the middle made it so that if we put that dishwasher on a tiny bit of an angle, we could open it and only just brush the knobs. And YAY, I have pretty “new” cabinets at a fraction of the cost.

Do you recall the hideous ceiling fan and the ancient globe light that came with the house? I do, because I still have nightmares about them… So we bought a new chandelier for the kitchen part of the room, and as a wedding present my mom got us the matching one for above the dinner table, so now we have fancy matching lights!!

The last projects involved more sanding and painting… My father-in-law found us a beautiful cream colored solid oak kitchen table and chairs, so I sanded those bad guys down and painted them black, and finally was the bakers rack. In our old apartment it was cream, that went very well with our cream, black and red kitchen. However it didn’t match our new color scheme at all. The first warm day of the year we pulled that sucker out of the garage and spray painted it black with your basic Rust-o-leum paint. It took 3 cans to do the whole thing, and once it was done I was super happy to have my counter space back.

It may have taken almost two years to get the kitchen to the point that I’m actually happy with it, but it’s finally finished. Now it’s time to invite some friends over and cook a meal that takes ALL THE COUNTER SPACE!!


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